Sunday, July 31, 2011

Super Silly Sunday

From Adventures of Superman 584. Lucy is getting married so her and Lois have crashed her hubby-to-be's stag do.

I know, this isn't really silly, well Clark's face is, but it's certainly an amusing thought.  Neither Lois or Lucy get to have this much nowadays, and lets' face it, I'd love to have them two pop out of a cake to me.  the poses and heavily pregnant Lucy just makes it all the more fun and frivolous.

I'm not sure if this series will continue past this post as I have run of 'silly' scans.  I will probably post more as and when I come across them.  Meanwhile, Wonder Woman Wednesday is going strong!


Emma said...

Oh no! I love Super Silly Sundays :(

Saranga said...

I'll try and find some scans! But they may not be every Sunday I'm afraid. I've got one more scheduled for definite.