Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Comic reviews!

These have been a long time coming.  Minor spoilers for Gotham City Sirens 24 only.
Supergirl 65 was absolutely great.  Really imaginative, inspired writing.  I am really looking forward to the rest of this arc, at which point I shall re-read it and bask in it's loveliness again.

Young Justice 5 - This is really good fun.  It's a smart, well put together comic for younger folk, but also easily enjoyable by us older folk.  This was Wally's issue, and it seems that Art Baltazar and Franco really get him.

Flashpoint: Green Arrow Industries 1 - Why oh why is Ollie so much fun and enjoyable in this than in his own ongoing?  If you're a Green Arrow fan I recommend you get this.  He's cocky, arrogant, sleeping around, and a bit rubbish as a fighter.  He's not that bright, but it's just perfect.  Oh, and there are trick arrows.  Just buy it already!

Wonder Woman 612:  Better than some of the earlier issues.  Although Aphrodite now appears to be a redhead.  Either this is a colouring mistake by or the team have decided to ignore centuries of tradition.  Gaaah.  Anyway, in my recent clear out of comics, I elected to keep this Wonder Woman run.  I think I do like it and it's definitely a keeper.  But I am getting seriously fucked off with this comic within a comic shenanigans that DC is pulling.

Gotham City Sirens 24: Harley gets back with Joker and Ivy is pretty much unambiguously outed as queer.  Awesomesauce!

Flashpoint Lois lane and the Resistance 1 - Stylised art that kinda reminded me of old Young Justice/Impulse comics.  This series will be a cracker I reckon.

JLA 58 - Every time I look at the cover I wonder why I'm still getting this series. Inside it's better, but it's not going to be a groundbreaking memorable run.

Flashpoint Kid Flash Lost 1 - Yeah, this was also good.  It was a 'setting stuff up' issue, with things happening.  I know, right?   Hey it's a Bart Allen mini, written by Sterling Gates.  I'm gonna love it.

Action Comics 902 - More enjoyable than JLA, but still mostly just ok.  The art is nice.  But I'm mostly hanging onto this for the relaunch.  There seems no point in cancelling now when it will all be shiny and new in two months.

Superman 712:  A story told from the point of view of Krypto.  Interrupting Grounded, this was much more enjoyable than Grounded.  Rather sentimental, but in a good way.

Green Arrow 13 - Ah, now we are out of Brightest Day the artist changes and the story gets interesting!  And of course now it will all change in two months.  Graaah.

DC Presents Impulse - Collecting Impulse 50 to 53, this was a wonderful breath of fresh air, and I think everyone should buy it.


Anonymous said...

I've got some twititions for you!

#1's for the rest of Peter David's Supergirl that needs to come out in a trade or HC:

# 2's for a continuation of Landry Q. Walker's Supergirl series (which he RT'd, btw!): http://twitition.com/xx5nk


Eyz said...

Poor Ollie...never had a solid well rounded on-going since Kevin Smith brought him back.. (or ol' Mike Grell for that matter..)