Sunday, November 14, 2010

Steph Batgirl action figure!

After a chance sighting in my local comic shop I impulse bought the Steph figure.  I decided to review it  a month ago and finally here is the review..

Colour scheme
Very nice. The purple and yellow are vibrant and complement each other well.  The colours look fairly deep and are nicely put on.

This is my first figure that moves at the waist.  She also has articulation at the neck (sideways and up/down), elbows, shoulders, wrists and knees (sing along with me now...). her right hand is much looser than her left so I'm a little concerned it will fall off and I'll have a stumpy Batgirl.  I currently have her in an about to kick someone inna fork pose:
It's pretty faithful to the comic.  She has flat boots (hurrah) and her legs and arms are ribbed (not for anyone's pleasure).  Her leg belt does appear to be inserted into her leg rather than sitting on top of it. Steph has many abilites but shapeshifter she ain't, so that much be quite painful for her.  Her hair has good waves and is nicely defined  The Bat ears are rather tall but it avoids looking daft as it is balanced out by the long hair.  The cape is lovley - flexible and swept off to the side.  Her breasts are of a normal teenage woman size.

Baaaaaaaaaaataarrrraaaaang!  Yellow batarang!  And a boshing stick.  No I don't know the real name (baton?) so I call it a boshing stick.  It fits in her belt and the batarang sits in her hand.  Joy.
See?  Accessoried upa nd ready to kick someone inna fork.  While smiling. Steph we love you.

She also has this stupid platform to stand on - it's too small and looks daft.  If you put both legs down they don't fit on the platform.  Daft.

All in all though, I really like this figure.  I want to bring it into work and have her on my desk, but I hotdesk so that's not really feasable.  Maybe in the future when I hopefully can swap between just 2 desks.


MOCK! said...

My 13 year old daughter buys action figures to play with her little brother with....would this one stand up to use?

The weak hand, though frustratingly common, worries me. Though most of our figures seem to have had some Super-Glue enhancements...

Eyz said...

Really nice :)
Now, I don't really have any other DC (or comic book for that matter) figurine around..but I'd like to have Steph :P

At work, yeah, totally^^

Saranga said...

@ Mock: yes I think it would. the accessories would probably get lost very quickly, but that's normal. The weak hand might just be my model. Super glue would certainly help although you'd lose some mobility.

It's about £14.99 (i think) but you might be able to get it cheaper on ebay or amazon.

fishmilkshake said...

She is pretty darn cool and I'm warming to the character too. Cool review S.

Saranga said...

thanks FMS!

LissBirds said...

I want this figure so bad!! It looks really well-sculpted and I love Stephanie's color scheme.