Saturday, November 13, 2010

Online DC store!

Here.  About bloody time.  The source's blog post says:

"our storefront is powered by comiXology which means if you buy a DC digital comic like the chart-busting Death of Superman on your Mac or PC at home, you can read the very same series on-the-go using your iPhone, iPad or laptop using our DC App without paying any a penny more or creating any new logins.  Or vice versa.
We call it convergence.  You will find it simply easy."

(bold emphasis mine).

I've had it with bullshit management speak.  Convergence my hairy arse.  I've been reading about how Norfolk County Council are planning to decimate the support services in my county and I'm fed up with the bullshit language and phrases that these goons come up with.

Anyway.  I am pleased about a proper storefront.  But the comics should be cheaper.  99cents each please.

What do you all feel about digital comics?  Do you use them? Do you like them? I do like them, I have read lots.  I would rather buy something digital honestly and legally direct from the publisher, so I welcome DC's move into digital comics.  But they should be cheaper, they really should.

Does anyone know if they still have the adverst in them or not?


Rachel said...

Sorry, this is off-topic, but I didn't want to reply on Twitter because this is quite a long list!

In reply to your message, the restaurants I'd recommend in Cambridge are the Rainbow Cafe (veggie/vegan food), Eraina (large portions, not too expensive (I think)), Dojo (cheap, huge East Asian dishes, can get loud), and Clowns (Italian food and coffee, open all day and evening, cheap). For coffee/sandwiches stuff, try Indigo (tiny, central, lovely). There are also lots of places on Mill Road (less central): try Al Casbah (Algerian food), CB1 (coffee and sandwiches, including lots of vegan options, open till about 8pm I think, just wonderful) or the Cambridge Blue pub (tasty food and lots of real ales and ciders. Those are my favourites, anyway.

I hope this doesn't get caught as spam because of all the links :-/

Saranga said...

That's great thank you!

I don't think blogger has an automatic spam filter - I get so much junk through I'd be very surprised if it did!

Skye said...

I really like the idea of online comics, because I'm too lazy to find and steal anything online, but I agree the price is too high for something that I can guarantee I won't have forever - unlike the books on my shelf which will likely last for at least my lifetime.

Skye said...

Okay I think that didn't make sense. What I meant was that it's easier for me to just go to a legit online store than to find a pirated version of something.

Less blog commenting late at night I think, sorry.

Saranga said...

@ skye: heh, that's ok, I kenw what you meant! I feel the same way. I have no idea how to go about finding or downloading illegal digital comics, but I do now know where to go to find legitimate copies.