Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Green Lantern Corps - Ring Quest

So after yesterday's post I buckled and bought this trade. I have since learnt three things:
  • Patrick Gleason draws a very pretty Guy
  • I really need to buy Guy/Tora books - they are wonderful together
  • 'Corps' is not pronounced 'corpse'

I'm feeling better now and am off to watch some anime. Possibly Gunbuster 2.


SallyP said...

Pat Gleason DOES indeed draw a pretty Guy.

Corps is pronounced "core", unless you go back to issues 7,8 and 9 of Green Lantern Corps, and then you will find the story by Keith Champagne that actually has the Green Lantern Corpse. It ALSO has a very very nice looking Guy, also drawn by Pat Gleason, wearing all black, and looking remarkably hawt.

Saranga said...

Yeah the boyfriend explained to me how Corps is a French word..
In my defense I don't think i've ever heard it spoken.

Thanks for the issue recc :)

kalinara said...

I totally pronounce it as Corpse sometimes. Just to annoy people.

I'm like that.