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Comics reviews the week of 01/04/09

Featuring spoilers for Flash Rebirth 1, Guy Gardner 4, Teen Titans 69 + Annual, Superman/Batman 57, Buffy 24, JLA Annual 10, Power Girl 1 preview
Flash Rebirth #1
I have never really read any Barry Allen Flash and am only familiar with him via time travel appearances in other issues, or flashbacks (pun not intended) in the Wally West Flash books. I don’t think it will surprise any regular readers to know that my motivation for buying this is for Bart. Sure enough, he was in this briefly, hanging out with Cassie and Tim and Titans Tower (Tim in his Robin outfit, does this mean he won’t be the new Batman?). Bart is adamant that Wally is the Flash, not Barry, and explains that he came back from the future so that everything could be the same. And with Barry back it’s not. Then we get to the crux of the problem, which is that Bart misses Max Mercury and wants him to escape the speed force too. So do I. Bart is also showing speed force flashing out of his eyes, is this lightening linked to his emotional state? I think so.

Otherwise, there is a lot going on in this issue. It looks to be pretty densely packed and full on so I hope the mini it will be good. Barry is experiencing existential doubt and is very serious. All the time. I assume this is because he’s back from the dead and that he wasn’t this po faced when he was alive. Wally’s scenes with his kids were great.

The last couple of pages show Barry touching Savitar, who has mysteriously burst out of his chest, and then Savitar aging and crumbling to death. Finally, we see a confused Barry and Wally West, his kids, Bart, Jay and Jesse Quick all being surrounded by painful speed force lightning. In Bart’s case, it’s coming out of his eyes and mouth. To compare, the other speedsters appear to be (prettily painfully) bathed in the lightning.

Regarding the art, I could quite easily leave it, except for a few pretty depictions of Wally. Mostly though it does nothing for me.

Guy Gardner 4
While selecting comics to be stored in my newly bought comic box I discovered I had a copy of Guy Gardner # 4. How timely thought I! So I sat down and re-read it.
This is Guy with a malfunctioning yellow ring at quite an angry phase in his life. It takes place shortly after the Death of Superman story so many heroes are still wearing armbands, Ice included, and Guy is still sore that Ice crushed on Superman, leading him to act like a cruel dickhead. He is arrogant, vindictive, spiteful and horrible. Ice puts up with a lot from him. On the plus side, I like the art and I really want Guy’s cowboy boots.

Teen Titans 69 + Annual
The new team is announced. M’Gann and Eddie have a lovely reunion and Terra has a brand new costume (helloo editors, please do your job). Cassie inadvertently offends the ex Dark Sider clubbers, Zatarra has an assistant named Bunny (where was she in Terror Titans?? What does she do??), the Face is disgusting and gets kicked in the nuts by Aquagirl.
Rose is somehow listening in on the tower despite being a couple of miles away and decides not to join again. But at least she gets her own back up story!
Bombshell gets ignored or slated by everyone else and there’s a somewhat cheesy moment at the end when Cassie cries Titans Together and only Static, Eddie and Jaime join in.
The new line up is Aquagirl, Static, Red Devil (please find a way to give this guy back his powers, please!), Blue Beetle, Wonder Girl, Miss Martian, Bombshell and Kid Eternity.

The annual was a lead in to the Deathtrap crossover. I won’t be buying not TT issues. It was ok but not vital.

Superman/Batman 57
In which Batman shows just how much he cares for his friends and how arrogant he is. Superman has been shrunk down to nanoscopic levels and will DIE of old age if he isn’t rescued soon. So Batman goes in to save him. Bruce, you are an unsociable melodramatic git. Lighten up.
We also learn that Batarangs aren’t toys. Oookay..touchy much?

The nanoscopic world is beautiful though. I particularly liked the giant bubble and Kal lasering a daily diary into a stone wall like structure.

Buffy 24
Solid issue. All Faith and Giles in this one, plus a very annoying slayerette - I’m not convinced she’s got any thoughts in her head.
Idiot boy who used to head the Watchers council gets eaten, hurrah! It’s always nice to see how the rest of the world reacts to the slayers, and the myths and stories that spring up around them – in this issue there is talk of a slayers retreat. I am also finding it interesting to see how everyday people view the vampires and slayers – it’s odd for it all to be common knowledge suddenly.

What was interesting was Faith’s regret – out of everything she mostly wishes she had killed that third vamp? She really doesn’t regret anything else? Like posing as Buffy? Seducing Riley and Angel? Her part in the events of Graduation season 3? I guess she’s come to terms with all that.

JLA Annual 10
Worth mentioning because it shows Booster as a leader of the Justice League. A mad, bad leader of an evil League yes, but a leader nonetheless. Good for him.

Power Girl 1 preview
A preview was put in the back of a couple of issues this week.
The people love her! She’s got support! She’s getting her own series! Amanda Connor is doing the art! !!!! Everyone buy it!

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ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Flash Rebirth #1 wasn't exactly what I was expecting. Well, I don't know exactly what I was waiting for. But I do know Barry Allen was my favoritestest superhero when I was a kid, so, you know, nostalgia and everything, heehee! Still, I trust Geoff Johns will deliver.

Oh, and everyone should get Power Girl!