Sunday, October 07, 2007

Wonder Woman = housewife ?

or tidy upper-er, or cleaner? You wouldn't think of her as that would you? Except that this artwork up on ebay at the moment has her "indulging in a little tidying up, picking up someones pants"

Why would Diana be picking up someone's pants? Is she doing a spot of light cleaning round the watchtower?

And why are her feet in that position when she's not wearing heels?


Ragnell said...

It looks like she's grossed out by them.

One of the guys left them in the JLA HQ bathroom after changing, maybe? If its after certain fights, they might be smelly. I think certain superhero needed to keep a change of underwear nearby.

Saranga said...

True, she looks disgusted, but I wouldn't pick up a pair of my mates (used) pants and I certainly wouldn't do that in the workplace. I'd yell at them for being a slob and get them to do it. In my head, Diana would also do that.
Oh well it only sold for 3.50.

philippos42 said...

Girl's been spoiled by her ability to levitate; a normal woman wouldn't be able to hold that backwards tilt on the balls of her feet. Or is she in motion?

Oh well. After looking at American comics art for years, I have to say, at least her boobs are a plausible size.