Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kara Smallville

I like Kara on Smallville. I liked her snarky in episode 2, I liked her self assuredness and her meeting in the forest with Clark. Episode 3 however, was bollocks. There was no need, character development wise, for a beauty pageant. The weather girls plot was just rubbish. And now I'm a little afeard that they might try and make Kara and Lex have a relationship. Grr.
And Lana appears to have come back with no toughness. Surely the strength she shows when aroudn Lex should also show when she's around Clark? But it comes across as two entirely seperate people, and I prefer the tough Lex Lana. *sigh*


darofalk said...

exitos. good blog!!


Ami Angelwings said...

I'm so afraid of a Kara/Lex relationship too :(

And also the idea that every girl character that shows up needs a man >_>

Lois seems to be constantly jumping from new recurring male char to new recurring male char :(

It looks like she and the editor will be having a thing now? :(

Saranga said...

I read Lois would be having a relationship with the editor..I hope it's not true. I now it's deviating from classical Superman mthyology but I really liked her and Ollie's relationship.

Smallville is not very good at dealing with the wimmins. Look at Martha - she's completely ineffectual for most episodes. Grr.