Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Scuppering of the plans

So blogger has been bought up by/gone into partnership with google then. Not very impressed. Google being the company who are assisting the Chinese government in blocking non approved websites. Hmmm. Tossers.

Anyway, in me news, electrolysis! the things we women do for hair removal. Ow. Ow times alot I say. I mean, yay, the hairs are removed, and will grow back weaker if not outright killed off, but man, I swear I heard something sizzle. Several times. I must have some really tough deep rooted hairs.
I would say, my god the things we women do for beauty, except I don't want them removed to look better. I want them removed because I feel like a I have a parasite alien infection in my face when they grow. I hate them. If I was primarily concerned with how they looked I wouldn't be taking off my face attempting to pull them out. At least with the electrolysis the most I may possibly get will be bruising, which fades. It wouldn't however look like I had a massive acne problem and it won't leave scarring.

And in good news, more and more peoeple are coming round to the idea that the recent incarnation of Supergirl is not inherently awful, it may actually be a good comic and it shouldn't be cancelled. See Alex in Wonderland's blog.

Yes she's drawn in a sexist way, yes she's not sweet and lovely, yes she's stroppy, yes she's confused, yes she may have more in common with Paris Hilton than you'd like (I personally disagree on the last one), but this doesn't make it a bad comic. I think Kara is getting more complex, I think there are a lot of interesting ideas in it the blogosphere isn't picking up. For example, the way she claims she doesn't want to be a part of the Superman legacy yet is always wearing the S symbol, his symbol. And it is his, for the moment, anyway.
I would love to continue this thought but I have unfortunately had two very long days and tomorrow's is going to be even worse. So I shall salute. Goodbye. Ciao. До свидания.

(And the reason I like this Kara is not cos of the the smex. Although I do think she's beautiful. But then again I think Paris Hilton is fairly hot. I realise I am in the minority here.)

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