Monday, March 26, 2007

Birthdays and bowels

Dan's told me to stop talking about my bowels, apparently it's a little bit gross. I think people are prudes. Anyway, I had my bowels washed out at the weekend. There's wasn't as much in there as I thought there would be But there again, how big can my bowels be? How much can they hold? I would have felt better if the lady doing so hadn't held a certificate from the National College of Holistic Medicine, (sounds a little Gillian McKeith-esque to me), saying she could do this, but no damage was caused, and psychologically speaking, it's nice to see all your shit taken out. To know that you're cleaner inside. I would be happy to have it done again, but maybe not with this particular lady.
And it took me two days to poop again, and it was a really good poop.

On to the other B subject, I am 28 today. No, I'm 27. Oops. Typo ahoy. Honest. You may wonder why I am on t'internet now instead of celebrating or boozing it up. Well, I dislike celebrating birthdays. It makes me uncomfortable. I'm happy making them like every other day. But with less of the going to work action. There has been chocolate, but no booze. In keeping with my booze free plan. And diet plan. I've lost a stone now. So I'm now back at roughly what I was a year ago. How depressing. Well, maybe in a month I could be at 9 stone 7. That would be awesome. I've never been 9st7.

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