Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Comic reviews from a good month or so ago

I'm slack. Here we go. I'm picking these comments from my twitter feed and if. Can I'll add in more detail. If I remember.

Starfire 4 - delightful and fun and it put Peej and Twrra's previous adventures back in canon. Winner.

Batgirl 44 and Bombshells 2 feel like their creators are having fun with their work. The themes and tones of the stories are different to other New52 stories, and it makes reading enjoyable. With Bombshells, I  obviously smitten with the idea of only lady superheroes. There's some lovely Soviet style art in there too.

Princeless Be Yourself 3 and 4 - I'm still stuck about the art. I can see that are elements of good in there - panel composition, physical jokes, but I do not like the style of pencilling and I find the colouring too dark. It feels amateurish, but I don't know whether I  correct in my feelings or whether I am being snoory because it's not to my taste.  I found the style of the Gothic Vampire a bit too overbearing. A bit much.

Princeless Raven 3 was much better. Good in all areas.

JLU 13 was good. Solid but not overly memorable, although I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy re-reading them.. The cover art reminds me of the art in James Robinson's Starman series.

Bitch Planet 5 is wonderful and makes me believe in myself.

Sensation Comics 14 is, again, my kind of Wondy. Righteous, compassionate and wise.

Sex Criminals 9 - porn and academia and aan intriguing set of letters.

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