Saturday, December 20, 2014

Feminist comics for teenagers

I mean male and female teens.
I was trying to think of DC new 52 comics for the feminist teen in your llife and I couldn't think of any
Marvel has the lady x-men, ms marvel, cap'n marvel and did have fearless defenders.
I couldn't think of any from dc's new 52. Sensation Comics would work though.

I guess by comics for feminist teens I mean stories with badass women saving the day, alongside men is fine, women that are bright and talk back, that stand up for what they believe in. That are heroes every bit as much as men are.  Team books would be fine. A male led book would work so long as there were decent women in it as well.

I've got my second issue of the new batgirl creative team to read - w/o the transphobia that could work. And i also have Gotham academy to read. JLU might be OK, I guess.
But they used to have flash (wally west years), Connor and Palmiottis Power Girl and the Gates/Igle Supergirl run.

I guess I'm just lamenting the narrow range of stories they tell now. 

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