Saturday, April 26, 2014

Stop Spring Hunting on Malta

You may have seen articles in the news about how Malta has a big hunting problem - in the Springtime they shoot the migrating birds. All the migrating birds, including those that are critically endangered. Species like the Turtle Dove are protected in the UK (and across Europe) but the Maltese hunting lobby is pretty powerful and shoots them anyway.  UK turtle dove numbers have dropped by something like 93% since the 1970s, partly due to the shooting, partly due to UK habitat loss (see here:

Birdlife Malta (similar to the RSPB but more focus on birds), have started an indiegogo campaign to raise funds to equip their volunteers with recording equipment (videos etc to show the damage) and campaign for a referendum to ban the Spring hunting season.

They need €50,000 to start. Chris Packham just tweeted that 58 thousand people have looked at the funding page. If everyone gave €1 they would reach their goal 

Please have a look at it and consider donating something, however small. You can use your paypal account to donate.

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