Friday, March 14, 2014

London Super Comic Convention is tomorrow!

I am going and I am all excited for it!

I only have a few people on my hit list this year - Peter David, Gary Frank and Mike Grell.  Their books mean a lot to me and I'd like to be able to tell them that.

I will also be hunting down Peter David's Supergirl #49 issue as that is the only issue I am missing from his run.

I will be dressing up - of course - and it's my most ambitious/ridiculous/accurate/comic booky outfit to date. Yes, dear readers, I shall be going as hook handed Aquaman:

I have had the costume made for me, I have a knitted yellow beard, I have a wig and I have a hook.  I am not sure if I will wear the wig because - believe it or not - the wig makes me feel stupid.  Yeah, the rest of it;s fine, but the wig?  A bit silly.  Whatever, my brain.  I have the hook ready but I'm not sure how well the pain has gone on so I might well just wear a blue glove instead and be the waterbearer version of the Aquameister.

My only concern is that I'll look fat instead of pregnant (yeah.. I hadn't mentioned that before had I?  I'm 6 months gone :).  I'm probably worrying over nothing but you know.... years of conditioning to make women want a flat stomach and mine is expanding and I look down and see fat, not pregnancy.  It's bizarre.

My other concern is being on my feet for a long time, queueing, getting back ache and desperately needing to pee right when I'm about get a signature... I probably just won't drink much.  Yeah.

Anyway, I'll do a report after the con.  I'm rather excited!

Oh, I've also added another photo to the end of the Harry Potter studio report post.  It's a group picture, including me, where if my brain worked right I'd be able to recognise that I do look a bit pregnant, and not fat.  Stupid brain!

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