Monday, December 23, 2013

Old comic reviews!

Covering Cataclysm Ultimate Spider-man 1, Fearless Defenders 11 and 12, Sex Criminals 1 -3, Revival 15, Adventures of Superman (can't remember the number), Hawkeye (can't remember the number), Larfleeze 3.

Probably not got any spoilers ahead because they came out so long ago I've forgotten the details!

Cataclysm Ultimate Spider-man 1
As I said in my review of #3, this is better than the previous Ultimate Spidey issues.  And that's all I can remember.

Fearless Defenders 11 and 12
I am absolutely gutted this series has ended.  Despite the occasioanlly dodgy art, this is the series that I would, without a doubt, hand to new readers of comics, who like adventure stories, smart women and fun writing.  Fearless Defenders is absolutley bloody fabulous and it's a bloody disgrace it's been cancelled.

Sex Criminals 1 -3
This series is great and has beautiful depictions of orgasms.  It's not about people who committ sex offences.  It's about two people who stop time whenever they orgasm so use that opportunity to rob a bank.  It's clearly not suitable for kids, but it's not smutty or filthy either.  It's a breath of fresh air.

Revival 15
Much like issue 16, I have no bloody clue what's going on here.

Adventures of Superman (can't remember the number) and Hawkeye (can't remember the number)
I can't remember what happened in these issues.

Larfleeze 3
All I remember of this is humourous dialogue and Scott Kolins beautiful art.  Worth buying. 4/5.

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