Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New comics 22nd June 2013

This was a DC week, woo hoo!  Well, I'm still reading Uncanny X-Men, so there's a lot of that too.  I've put up tons of photos of Uncanny on my twitter, which is sort of charting my progress.  The link is here, if you wish to go and laugh at the 90s.

Spoilers ahead for the latest issue of Thor, Superman Unchained 1, Supergirl 21, Wonder Woman 21, Animal Man 21, Demon Knights 21 and Ultimate Spider-Man 24.

I can't remember the issue number and I'm too lazy to go and look it up.  It was a fun issue.  All 3 Thors are fighting Gorr.  There's a green space shark.  Stuff gets blown up.  At the end it looks like all 3 Thors are dead, but as it be a very boring series without Thor I think it's safe to say they aren't all dead.  There is an absolutely gorgeous 2 page splash about 6 pages in.  It's truly truly wonderful and it's worth buying the comic just for that piece of art.

Superman Unchained 1
It was a competent Superman story but the fold out page was stupid and unneccessary.  It's better than most other New 52 Superman stories but I don't think I'll be buying it again.

Supergirl 21
I have much love for this issue.  From the re-appearance of the Siobhan, to the digustingness of her landlord (his toilet is blocked because he ate Italian food and it's leaking into Siobhan's cupboard..) to Kara's acceptance her poisoning is rather severe, to I'Noxia giving Kara a bit of Krypton back:
I am less excited about Cyborg Superman, a character I have always found exceptionally dull.  Mahmud Asrar wasn't doing art on this issue, instead Diogenes Neves was.  The above panel is fabulous.  The rest of it, and Kara herself, is a bit weird.  It looks like he's going for a generic manga style - big eyes, point nose and chin.  It doesn't really work.  But I am spoiled by Mahmud Asrar, Jamal Igle and Bernard Chang.

Wonder Woman 21
This was exciting.  the First Born arrives and tries to take down Wonder Woman and her group.  WW seems more of a leader in this issue, more central to the story. Maybe I'm feeling more optimistic today.
The last few pages were... really rather good.  The first born holds open a boom tube.  No one has ever done that before, I think.  That impressed me.  That was great.  Lennox jumped away from the group to get the First Born away from the Boom Tube, whilst singing a Millwall football song.  Then the group ended up on New Genesis.  Already I am preferring this mix up of New Gods and Old Gods more than I did in the post crisis version.

Animal Man 21
I am so glad that Rotworld is over.  This is a character focused, family focused issue, with weirdness in it, which is where I think Animal excels.  Some nutter in the city is making himself a suit of animal parts, or possibly has built himself a body of animal parts and Maxine is negotiating with the red to train and search for Cliff.  It's great.  I really recommend you pick this up.

Demon Knights 21
I did not like the art on this.  I thought Bernard Chang was still drawing, evidently not.  There's no vampires in this, instead the crew have figured out how to get the grail.  It definitely feels like the series is winding up.  Exoristos and Ystin get some nice moments.  Jason outwits Lucifer and Etrigan and Ystin gets the grail.  Good stuff.

Ultimate Spider-Man 24
I was really looking forward to this as it introduced Cloak and Dagger to the Ultimate universe, but I hated it.  Gone is the runaway story, gone is the tricked into drugs story, gone is Dagger's really cool outfit.  Now they are officially in a relationship and have just got their powers after, yes, being experimented upon, but they met in a fast food joint when they were both Presidents of opposing student councils and then got hurt in a car crash, put into a coma and had their bodies thieved for the aforementioned experiments.

God knows what will happen with this title though, given that Age of Ultron 10 has possibly had the Ultimate universe eaten. I don't know. I just want to read about Miles.

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SallyP said...

Thor has been uniformly fabulous. I've been enjoying the heck out of Wonder Woman as well. Demon Knights has been pretty good, but the writer has gone to the Green Lanterns, so I don't know if he is going to continue.