Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Today is all hallows eve, halloween, samhaim, the death of the old year and the start of the new.  Today the dead come out to roam the streets and folk everywhere have a party.  Well some do.

By the time this goes  live I'll have carved a pumpkin, hopefully it will actually look ok.  It will be the second pumpkin I've ever carved.  A book I have on Pagan feast days says that at halloween, pumpkins become a holy item Ihence why we carve them) and recommends that you place pumpkins and other root vegetables, such as turnips and swedes on your altar.  Well, I'm fuusy, and what will be going on my display will be my decorated cloth, my pumpkin and my orange and black candles.

I've been thinking for a few weeks about what to put in this post.  It is the end of the year so it seems apt to look back on the past year.  This last year has been pretty crappy.  Last autumn/winter was very stressful for me, and although I got a permanent reasonably well paying job, it's not what I hoped for and leaves much to be desired.  However, it does provide a regular wage and it does allow me to pay for my BSL training, which will get me permanent work using a language I love.  Having finally started my BSL level 3 I find myself knackered and extroadinarily busy, but that's ok. I expected that and I love the course.

This past year has seen a lot of people I know get seriously ill.  Like life threateningly ill.  The good news is they all recovered.  The other good news is my sister is now pregnant so I'm gonna be an aunty!

Then of course there's all the government cuts.  I think that I heard about Norfolk County Council's proposed cuts on about the 2nd November last year.  This seemed like a pretty bad omen for the year ahead.  On the plus side, the final cuts weren't as bad as foretold.  On the bad side, the whole country is facing severe cuts and those most vulnerable are getting screwed over again and again and again.  It feels like this has been a year of protests.

It also feels like it's been a year of disasters - the Japanese earthquake, the recent Turkish earthquake, and well there's probably lots more that I can't quite recall.

And a year or uprisings - well hello Arab Spring!  The Arab states have been amazing to watch this year.  I feel far more aware of international affairs than I did a year ago.

Writing this, despite listing all this shit that's happened, I do feel more optimistic that I did a few weeks ago.  Certain aspects of this last year have been hard, really hard, but they could have been worse and I've got to focus on the good things.  Here's to a more enjoyable, more relaxing 2011/2012!
(and keep protesting folks!)

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Have a great Halloween, Saranga!