Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have decided to retire my nostril piercing. Voluntarily. This is unusual for me, I have had a large number of piercings and the few I have retired have been done under duress. (how's that for bad english?). My surface wrist piercings were rejecting, my nipple piercings weren't healing and my ear ones were giving my massive gyp. My vertical labret was removed as I had to get a job.
I still have my upper and lower navel bars, my septum, both tragi and 11 running down my ear rim. Including each lobe stretched to about 6mm *beams*. I would like those bigger but again, having an office job where I meet funders probably meas I can't have much bigger lobes.

Anyway, my nostril piercing. I've had this about 8 years now I reckon. I told my mum I had it done and she cried. OK, she was a bit mad at the time and I was living away from home, at university so it's not as big a deal as you'd think. The reason it's coming out is because I can't find a stud that will stay in and fit comfortably, and having a hoop in just irritates it. In the last week it's gotten a bit sore and red and I have come to the decision that it would be better to lose it than continue to risk irritation or infection if it catches on anything. Very mature of me I think.

On the bright side once it's settled I could have two parallel studs put in :D

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Ami Angelwings said...


i still have to get my piercings :( yours sound so awesome! :D