Sunday, March 23, 2008

I saw this on Heidi Meeley's blog, and thought I'd join in. Hey it's this or housework, OK?

Here are the rules:
"List 7 random things about yourself that people may not know. Link the person who sent this to you, and leave a comment on their blog so that their readers can visit yours.Post the rules on your blog."

You'd think this wouldn't be too hard, it's not like I've really got an online presence after all. Here we go:

1. I'm deathly scared of dark bathrooms. The second the light's turned off and I'm still in there my heart races and I rush to open the door and get out into the light.

2. I always develop an inappropriate crush on at least one of my co workers.

3. I have only just come to accept my body as it is and realise 3 pounds either way isn't going to make a lot of difference.

4. I sometimes have to ring my partner and ask him where the cleaning apparatus in our house is kept.

5. I get stimulation overload. By this I mean when I have the choice of reading a book, watching repeats of my TV shows or going on the Internet I cannot decide which to do and either try to do all 3 at once or wander around in a confused daze. For this reason I try not to have too many options.

6. I'm terrified of having children.

7. I'm going to get a driving licence purely to use as ID. I have no desire to learn to to drive I am merely sick of people questioning me.

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