Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Elseworlds Finest - Supergirl/Batgirl

Well I've just got round to reading Elseworlds Finest - Supergirl/Batgirl. I must say that Supergirl is absolutley lovely in this. She looks so strong, personality, not just body wise. There are lots of good things with this, but just a few bad things too. :(
Good: Hawkgirl's muscles!
Bad: Batgirl posing on page 2. I know she's meant to be drawn like Batman usually is, one leg resting on the ledge. And at first glance it looks pretty awesome, but then I look again, and it seems like just a little too much emphasis is placed on her boobs and butt. And I don't think spines work like that. (Unfortunately I don't have a scanner so can't post up pictures).
Good: Batgirl looking ominous with the cape on page 4. Shrouded in the cape. Teh awesome.
Bad: Batgirl having her suit actually sprayed on. Give me a fucking break.
Good: Diana in full trousers. A black Captain marvel. A black Black canary. The new Flash costume. Mmmm, streamlined. (But why also the mainline continuity Flash, Captain Marvel and Black Canary? What am I missing?)
Also good: Big Barda. Look she's just awesome ok?
Tre Good: Supergirl's tall! Like really warrior woman tall! Taller than Lex. Awesome.
Good: Page 13. Lex: 'We should have dressed you up - had a gown designed - something befitting your angel image. '
Supergirl: 'Flying down over them in a dress? That's not the image I wanted them to have, Lex!'
Hell yeah! (Do you hear me Michael Turner?)
Bad: We could have done with a bit more depth as to why Batgirl banned metahumans from Gotham.
Good: Page 18. BOOM! You gotta love anything that geos boom. You just gotta.
Meh: Oracle. meh. Tim Drake as the JSA stooge.
Bad: Why the JSA? Why not the JLA?
Good: Batgirl gets to look moody and stubborn just like regular universe Bruce. No pouting. No lippy. Just. 'I said I had it under control.' *scowl*
Supergirl with firey eyes.. Supergirl smash.
Good: Child Barbara with the gun. Oh hell yes.

So all in all, they managed to remove a lot of the women-for-the-male-gaze-only type art. Which is yay. Pity some slipped through. Booo.

And compeltely away from the women art etc subject. I'm not sure You can call this Batgirl part of Elseworld's finest cos she's not heroic enough.. 90% ofwhat we got was Batgirl as tyrant. Not Batgirl as hero. Still. Have a star for trying.


mordicai said...

Is that still in print? I wanted to order it for my store but couldn't dig it up!

Saranga said...

Don't know if it's still in print, I got it from ebay. Ahh, sweet sweet ebay!

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a shame you couldn't post some pictures to have a better glance of your comments, I wasn't able to find this issue anywhere, and at least i would have liked to look at the art.