Saturday, August 25, 2007

WiR. I cry WiR!

Black Canary number 4. Making it look like Sin was killed by Ollie just so that Ollie could be made to look less selfish so that Dinah could than say yea to the proposal? Wir! What a load of crap.
And don't even get me started on the stupidity of not including Dinah in the faux death plan. (oh no, wait. if Dinah was included then Ollie couldn't be made to look better. of course.) Or how Dinah did not get pissed at Ollie for the effing stupid patronising plan. and for pretending to kill her daughter. and for such a weak way of ending an otherwise good mini. arg. losers.

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"Starman" Matt Morrison said...

In fairness, Ollie never got a chance to fill Dinah IN on the plan in the first place.

After they got the news from the police at the scene of the crime in BC #3, Dinah beat Ollie half-senseless when he said he couldn't let her go off after Sin alone (Let me? LET ME?!?!) and after asking Speedy if she wanted some of the same, procdeded to do just that.

She goes after Merlyn and it takes all the time and resources Ollie has to track down the League of Assasin's ship, get the details of the plan together and put the plan into action before the Assassins skip town that night.

Not that this justifies Ollie's justifications later of taking advantage of Dinah's ignorance to "sell the drama", so to speak. But given that Dinah refused Ollie's poorly-worded offer of help and ran off before he could offer any form of plan or explanation...

Ollie did what he felt he had to do to try and achieve the greatest possible good. Was it dickish? Yes. Was it questionable? Hell yes! But it was also, as Dinah put it, something that would gain him nothing. Especially since he just as easily could have come up with some plan to play Robin Hood, save the girl single-handed and then point out what a good protector and father he'd be to Sin.